Universal Finance Announces Partnership with DOTmed, Inc.

Universal Finance Corp. is pleased to announce it has partnered with DOTmed, Inc., the world’s leading public trading platform for buying and selling medical equipment, parts, and services. The deal with DOTmed underscores Universal’s commitment to provide affordable financing to clients and to increase the company’s exposure to the range of industries it serves, including medical equipment suppliers.

“Since we began offering financing to medical equipment buyers, it was a natural fit for us to strike up this partnership with DOTmed through our Partner Program,” said Bill Scott, Jr., Owner of Universal Finance. “So far, the technology has driven a lot of traffic our way – the deal has helped Universal by creating great exposure for us in the medical equipment vertical, and it will also help to drive leads and sales for DOTmed.”

Coincidentally, Universal’s venture into providing loans to clients that purchase medical equipment and parts occurred during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. As a result, Universal received inquiries through DOTmed from prospective borrowers who are interested in acquiring equipment and supplies such as face masks, medical gloves, and protective shields which has opened up other financing avenues such as lines of credit.

According to Mr. Scott and Universal’s Director of Syndication Brett Rondeau, the deal with DOTmed has also provided their team an opportunity to explore similar partnerships in the future with vendors in other industries.

“Our team has the knowledge and experience to make sure our partners’ customers receive the best financing option available to help their business grow,” Mr. Rondeau said. “We have partnered with premier dealers and vendors across a range of industries and we’re constantly seeking new businesses to join us through our Partner Program to help them drive more revenue.”

The Benefits of Partnering with Universal Finance Include:

Offer Financing with a Reputable Company

Universal Finance is an established premier lender for over the last four decades. The company has expanded its reach to serve clients in a wide range of other industries including transportation, restaurants, and medical equipment suppliers. We provide borrowers with the financing they need to secure jobs, purchase equipment, and obtain working capital.

Reduce Unqualified Inquiries

Our decision to finance a new customer is done internally and is determined by the 3 C’s – Credit, Collateral & Character. As a Direct Lender, all final decisions are made “in-house”. This advantage allows us to offer fast, flexible financing options.

Increase Qualified Leads

Unlike a traditional lender, we look beyond how our clients “look on paper”. When we receive a working capital loan application, we work to develop a complete understanding about who the customer is and what they have to offer.

Ability to White Label Your Financing

Focus on your brand building and enhancing the overall customer experience with our expertise. We have branded ‘market-ready’ solutions that can be launched faster and cheaper.

Generate Reporting on Conversions

We report on all the conversion that come through our forms and supply reports for you to cross reference applications that have been submitted.

The Benefits for Your Customers Include:

Fast Turnaround

Your customers can be pre-approved within hours and we can complete a loan process within days.

Sell More Inventory

We have seamless financing options for all your customers’ credit types. Each customer is more than just a loan application to us, and we will find them a solution for purchasing inventory from our partners.

Direct Lender

Customers don’t have to wait for answers from a bank – close deals faster by working directly with the people lending the money.

Flexible Rates

A member of our team looks at each deal, and our flexible rates are based on the “Three C’s – Credit, Collateral, and Character.” We make decisions that are based not only by what is on paper, but who the customer is – whether they have great credit or poor credit.

Additional Capital

We offer finance options that allow customers to include soft costs into the financing. These added funds can be used to make repairs or obtain additional capital to get the equipment up and running.

To learn more about partnering with us, please submit the form on this page today!