partner program

Partner Program

At Universal Finance, we know how important it is to work with and partner with a finance company that understands your business. Universal Finance established itself as a premier lender to the construction industry in the early 1980’s and, over the last four decades, the company has expanded its reach to serve clients in a wide range of other industries including transportation, restaurants, and medical equipment suppliers.

Universal Finance provides borrowers with the financing they need to secure jobs, purchase equipment, and obtain working capital. Our decades of lending experience have taught us that every customer is unique and that no two customers ever have the same scenario. We look at each application, gain an understanding of the assets involved and we offer individualized financing options for all credit types.

We have the knowledge and experience to make sure your customer receives the best financing option available to help their business grow. We have partnered with premier dealers and brokers, and we are looking forward to partnering with you.

Why Partner with Universal Finance?

Fast Turnaround:

Your customers can be pre-approved within hours and we can complete a loan process within days.

Sell More Inventory:

We have seamless financing options for all your customers’ credit types. Each customer is more than just a loan application to us, and we will find them a solution.

Direct Lender:

Customers don’t have to wait for answers from a bank – close deals faster by working directly with the people lending the money.

Flexible Rates:

A member of our team looks at each deal, and Universal Finance has flexible rates that are based on the “Three C’s – Credit, Collateral, and Character.” We make decisions that are based not only by what is on paper, but who the customer is – whether they have great credit or poor credit.

Additional Capital:

In addition to purchase money, we offer finance options that allow customer to include soft costs into the financing. These added funds can be used to make repairs or additional capital to get the equipment up and running.

Family Run Business:

Both you and your customer will be updated on every step of the financing process – and we are always just a phone call away.

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