There Are No Age Restrictions on the Equipment You Finance Through UFC

If your business needs to purchase construction equipment, trucks, trailers or other heavy-duty vehicles, Universal Finance has your lending needs covered. Customers who are looking to purchase heavy equipment often ask us if there’s an age restriction on the equipment for which Universal Finance will provide funding for. In short, the answer is “No” as long as the assets support the loan you are looking for. Most banks and many lenders won’t fund older equipment but Universal understands equipment, its value, and the benefit it will provide to your company. Despite the age of the equipment, our creative financing programs and tailored payment plans provide borrowers with the funds they need to purchase equipment and keep their business moving forward.

Our customizable plans enable long-established businesses, start-up companies, and everyone in between to purchase construction equipment or trucks that can be paid for through manageable monthly payments. Universal Finance also helps to bring together sellers and buyers by listing trucks and other equipment that our customers are selling on our website – check out our Equipment for Sale page.

There are many factors to consider when you are planning to purchase construction equipment, trucks, other heavy duty vehicles. The team at Universal Finance will work directly with you to provide the guidance you need to choose the best equipment for your business and to secure the right financing you need to acquire it.

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