Who We Are
Universal Finance Corp. is a Direct Funding Source
dedicated to helping individuals in the construction industry.

We are a family run business located just north of Boston, Massachusetts. We have been a premier lender for the construction industry as part of a “One Stop Shop” for contractors since the early 80’s. We can help you find the equipment you need and finance it. Our extensive experience in the construction industry gives us a unique edge when relating to our customers. In most cases, we will travel to meet new customers to gain a better understanding of their operation and to inspect the equipment. We understand the economy and get the ebbs and flows of this industry. Our decision to finance a customer is done internally and is determined by the “3 C’s – Credit, Collateral, & Character.” We look past the paper to understand who the customer is. This approach solidifies our relationship with the thousands of contractors we have financed over the years.


The foundation of our business is built on client relationships, convenient financing and fast turnaround. Our willingness to work with and understand our customers, gives us the unique ability to provide borrowers with the funds they need to secure jobs, purchase equipment, and get their hands on working capital. As all decisions are made “in-house,” you will never wait long for an answer and we will work hard to provide you with the funds as fast as we can.

We will work as fast as you do!

Our mission at Universal Finance Corp. is to build as many relationships as possible in order to lend money in the construction industry to people who want the opportunity to make their business succeed.

Universal Finance Corp. is a proud member of NEFA, The National Equipment Finance Association.
Member National Equipment Finance Association

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