Earn your play in 2023 with the Work Hard, Play Hard bonus incentive program. Universal Finance continues to reward our equipment dealer partners for their commitment and success. Each deal brings you closer to your goal. Get started on earning your rewards from Universal Finance!

Level one: GOLD

When you fund $1,500,000 or more deals, you’ve earned some backyard fun!
Invite your friends for cornhole and a BBQ on your new Weber Grill!

Level Two: SILVER

Stay toasty outdoors with a Solo Stove Yukon and two L.L. Bean all-weather Adirondack Chairs when you fund $1,000,000 or more deals.

Level Three: BRONZE

Play it cool with a new Yeti when you fund $500,000 or more deals.


Universal Finance Work Hard, Play Hard winter bonus incentive will run from 1/1/2023 until 3/31/2023

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