We Are a Story Lender that Listens to Customers

As a story lender, the Universal Finance team has years of experience listening to our customers to learn about their businesses and the story behind their funding needs. Unlike a traditional bank, our decisions to provide financing are based on more than just how a business looks on paper – we develop a complete understanding of each customer’s operations, management, and what they have to offer.

When your business needs equipment financing fast, look no further than Universal Finance for all your asset-based lending needs. Our decision to finance a new customer is done internally and is determined by the “Three C’s – Credit, Collateral, and Character”. Because we are a direct lender, all final decisions are made in-house, which allows us to offer fast, flexible financing options.
As a relationship-based lender, we work together to make sure that you can afford the agreed-to monthly payments and that you understand the terms of the loan. Universal Finance will work with you closely to develop a solution based on the relationship that we build with you and with all of our customers. Our team works with every customer personally to develop a financing plan that is tailored to meet their business needs.

The foundation of our business is built on customer relationships, convenient financing, and fast turnaround. By working closely with our customers to understand their needs, we possess the unique ability to provide borrowers with the funds they need for a project, to purchase equipment, and obtain working capital.

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Apply for a Working Capital Loan

Today, many business owners in the construction industry struggle with depleting their cash reserves to cover the upfront costs of purchasing materials for the jobs they do. Many of their customers won’t pay them until the job is complete. A working capital loan would give them the cash they need to keep their bank accounts in check.

The construction equipment financing funds can be used for bulk purchases, payroll or even to get through a slow season. These unsecured loans are good for any type of instance where an owner has reason not to deplete their reserves knowing that the money will be coming in.

For these unsecured working capital loans, all we need to get started is an application and three recent months of bank statements. We can get a deal approved, loan documents signed and funded within one business day. It really can be that quick!

Universal Finance has your lending needs covered and we urge you to contact us today. The team at Universal Finance will work directly with you to provide the guidance you need to secure the financing that is right for your business.

Acquire the Equipment You Need to Keep Your Business Moving Forward

Benefits of Financing - Working Capital

To address the equipment needs of our clients in a wide range of industries that include construction, transportation, restaurants, and medical equipment suppliers, Universal Finance offers financing that keeps businesses on track to meet deadlines and avoid interruptions in the projects they are working on.

Our creative financing programs and customizable payment plans provide borrowers with the funds they need to purchase equipment and obtain working capital.

Here are just a few of the many benefits our clients enjoy with a loan from Universal Finance:

Obtain More Buying Power

Our financing programs provide customers with the flexibility to make regular loan payments that work within their budget constraints. Through our wide range of financing options, our clients obtain more buying power and they eliminate the biggest barrier to buying the equipment they need: the high purchase price.

Improve Your Company’s Cash Flow

With a working capital loan from Universal Finance, our customers can boost their business’s cash flow. We can work as fast as you can! Together, we’ll gather all of the necessary documentation so you can get the financing you need to keep your projects moving forward and to meet critical deadlines.

Take on Manageable Monthly Payments

As an experienced lender, Universal Finance has the resources to offer a variety of equipment financing options. Our customizable plans enable long-established businesses as well as start-up companies to make large purchases that can be paid for overtime through manageable monthly payments.

Never Blow Your Budget Again

Once they know what we have to offer and understand how our services can benefit them, many of our customers return to Universal Finance for additional funding. After you establish a rewarding relationship with our team, we look forward to working with you again to get you what you need when you need it without blowing your budget.

Get Approved in as Little as 24 Hours

Apply for financing today and get approved in as little as 24 hours so that you can acquire the equipment you need when you need it. From small loans to substantial funding for your business, we offer fast turnaround financing.

Universal Finance provides loans that can be customized to meet your company’s specific needs and we offer repayment terms for up to 72 months.